Channel commands

Channels may be adapted to meet certain specifications e.g. moderated discussions. You can combine any of the modes listed below.

Enter the following commands directly into the chat line of the channel.

Simple channel commands

Displays which users are currently in the channel and also displays the channel motto (if it has been set).
Displays the channel motto (if it is set).
Use this command to leave the channel
Makes the player in the channel with the highest rank an Operator. The town chat is an exception. There, only the town council members can be Operators. The following order applies: Reeve (VGT), Ambassador (BOT), Mayor (BGM), Deputy Mayor (STV), Treasurer (KAM), Storehouse manager (LAG), Foreman (FRM). If a higher-ranked player enters the channel, the Operator status is not passed on automatically.

How can I configure a Channel?

/mode closed=on|off
When a channel is in CLOSED mode, nobody else can enter it. This is shown in the Channel tool with a (C).
/mode invite=on|off
When a channel is in INVITE mode, only invited players may enter the channel (see /invite). This is shown in the Channel Tool with (I).
/mode limited=ZAHL|off
A channel in LIMITED mode can only hold a restricted number of players. This is shown in the Channel Tool as (L(number)).
/mode moderated=on|off
Only Operators and VIPs may speak when a channel is in MODERATED mode. This is shown in the Channel Tool as (M).
/mode permanent=on|off
A channel in PERMANENT mode remains even when there are no players in the channel. This is shown in the Channel Tool with (P).
/mode secret=on|off
A channel in SECRET mode is hidden. It does not appear in the Channel Tool or in the results of a /chformed query.
/mode noflood=on|off
With NOFLOOD mode activated, each user can only send a message to the channel once every three seconds. This is indicated by (F) in the Channel tool.
/mode quiet=on|off
In a channel in QUIET mode, there is no notification when someone enters or leaves the channel. This is shown in the Channel Tool with (Q).
/usermode quiet=on|off|default
The Silent Mode can also be set individually so that each user can decide on a channel for themself. They can decide if they a channel on silent mode or not. The setting must be configured for each channel. Use the /save command to keep your settings.

What can an operator do?

/oper NAME=+/-Operator
Gives the player (additional) Operator (O) status (+) or removes it (-)
/oper NAME=+/-VIP
Makes the indicated player a VIP (V). This allows a player to speak even when the channel mode is set to MODERATED.
/invite NAME
Invites the indicated player to a channel that is in INVITE mode.
/disinvite NAME
Revokes the invitation for the indicated player.
/chmotd TEXT
Sets the channel motto. Use a Pipe (|) to add a new line.
/chkick NAME
Throws the named player out of the channel. VIPs may also use this command.
/chusertitle oper|vip|user Titel
Sets a title in front of the names of specific kind of users (Operators, VIPs or all Users). If the title is left out, it will remove a previously set title.
e.g.: /chusertitle oper Mediator will list all Operators in the channel as "Mediator Name".