Installation with Linux

Installing the Client

After Downloading the installation file and storing, “unpack” the file via console tar xvzf brettspielwelt.tar.gz. Now you should see automatically the listing for BSW. You can now start the application by means of in the console. Of course you can also put an icon on the Desktop. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Right click on the desktop
  2. From the menu “new” click on “link to program”.
  3. In the field Name, enter the name of the application (e.g. BSW)
  4. In the field Program, enter the address of the application (/home/user/BrettspielWelt/
  5. In the field Icon, select the address /home/user/BrettspielWelt/mg16x16.gif or mg32x32.gif

If BSW does not start, because it did not find the JVM, it is probable that the variable for environment $JAVA_HOME is not initialized, or that the path of the JVM is not in $PATH. Make sure that the line JAVA_HOME=/chemin/vers/java line (by ex: /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun) is in the /etc/environment file (the rights root are necessary) or set it to “JAVA_HOME=/chemin/vers/java export” in the /home/user/.profile file to correct the problem.

All the explanations are valid for Debian with KDE. For the other systems, there should not be major differences.