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Player Information
Player AvatarUserbild
Player NameMelissaInAU
User ID135470
TitleElector [W17]
CityC187 LupusLanding
Games6839 (3497 MU-games and 3342 SU-games)
Registered on24.02.2006
LanguageEnglish (en)
Appear lineMelissaInAU wanders in and the party begins
Disappear lineMelissaInAU blows kisses. Don't lynch me while I'm gone!
Login lineMelissaInAU wonders Did you miss me?
Logout lineMelissaInAU blows kisses. See you in LupusLanding!
DescriptionSpreche Deutsch und Englisch et un peu Français (mais pas bien !). I share a router and 2 children (OttoInAU and BiggieInAU) with Fraser. Now back in Australia after living in Wuppertal, Germany for 5 months in 2009. Proud to be one of the founders of LupusLanding and hoping to return to OMGESSEN! in 2011 !! See you there :)