International Carcassonne Championships

The 4th International Carcassonne Championships 2006 take place in Essen (19.10. - 22.10.2006). All ranking information can be found in the Rank List and the Qualification dates here. Most importantly: Everyone can play as many tournaments, as they like. In BSW 12 Qualification tournaments will take place, alternating between CC and CCE.

The organization of the tournaments in BSW is presided by the CCx Guild.


  • CCE: Date 12.02.06 @ 17:00 (Be in /channel CC-IM by 16:45!)
  • CC: Date 12.03.06 @ 17:00 (Be in /channel CC-IM by 16:45!)

Important notes and tournament mode:

  • Any registered BSW player who has played at least 20 games of any one CC variant on BSW is eligable to play in the BSW. An actual registration is not required. It is sufficient to turn up punctually on the advertised channel.
  • All participants must send their information in to participate before the fisrt game (at BSW between October 2005 and September 2006) to TORBEN (reference: CC-IM-2006: userID), so that their tournament result can be scored on the Herne CC Rank List. You must include the following data: userID, first name, last name, address, town, post code, country/state, date of birth.
  • The location of all tournaments is /channel CC-IM, 15 minutes before official beginning of the tournament. If you are not punctual, you will watch only. Exception: if there is an odd number of participants, then the first late person may play.
  • The maximum number of participants for all tournaments is 64. Tournaments with less than 12 participants are rated by the play center and do not take place. Time limit per player per game is CC = 20 minutes and CCE = 25 minutes.
  • The Qualification tournaments consist of two phases: pre-rounds in a Swiss system and KO of the best 8 in the best-of-1 (1. vs. 8. , 2. vs. 7. etc.). The number of pre-rounds depends on the quantity of the participants: With up to 32 participants 6 rounds 2er are played, with 33-48 7 rounds, with 49-64 8 rounds.
  • If there is a tiebreak after the pre-rounds, then the following criteria is applied:
    1. sum of all the points of all opponents
    2. direct comparison
    3. Sum of the sum of all the points of all opponents
  • In the pre-rounds, the first mentioned player, who is the starting players determined by chance, i.e. “result /option CC in results” enter (automatic result message in channel CC in results!), possibly “extension” (wenn's a CCE tournament is) more active and then start. In the KO-system the Vorrundenbessere selects itself area, color and initial position and activates accordingly after /join /option start 1 and/or 2. Both players control after the portion whether the result was announced correctly in /channel CC in results. If errors should happen with the message or with registering the results, ask in /channel CC-IM to announce or the respective supervisor inform. Please after end of the play (before RESETs) again /option result CC in results implement, so that”-- pitch name deactivates option” appears “result”, otherwise all further results of the area in the Ergebnischannel land. With undecided in the KO the Vorrundenbessere is further.
  • Time frame:
    • CC: Pre-rounds: 3 - 4 hours (depending upon number of participants), KO: 1,5 hours
    • CCE: Pre-rounds 3.5 - 4.5 hours (depending upon number of participants), KO: 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • All questions, which are not clarified here, please ask in /channel CC-IM.

Archives of Qualification Rounds

You can find the archives of the qualification rounds at Mermadin