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Player Namehappyamoeba
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TitleLandlord [W12]
CityC0 ARMfeld
Games1863 (1777 MU-games and 86 SU-games)
Registered on22.01.2005
LanguageDeutsch (de)
Appear linehappyamoebaBeam me in Scotty
Disappear linehappyamoebaBeam me out Scotty
Login linehappyamoebaAverage gamer looking for a good time?!
Logout linehappyamoebaIt was fun while it lasted....
Description26 yr old gamer from South Bucks/London, would like to get together at weekends with other gamers in the locality. Give me a buzz if you are from the Amersham/Wycombe/Chalfont area and are a little bit mobile.