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Player Namefabriziohockey
User ID158021
TitleArci Duca [W17]
CityC181 Comune
Games8456 (8440 MU-games and 16 SU-games)
Registered on25.09.2006
LanguageDeutsch (de)
Appear linefabriziohockey: nice to meet you people!
Disappear linefabriziohockey: thanks for game and your time (server problems? I will try to came back) :-)
Login linefabriziohockey: ciao tutti! :-)
Logout linefabriziohockey: Alla prossima! :-)
DescriptionI love play Carcassone as a lovely wildboar and, sometimes, I will try to play it at my best. Never I will leave the game (also if losing) except because of connection problems (I will try to came back).