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Player Information
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Player NamePeli_Khan
User ID188527
TitleKronprinz [W19]
CityC0 ARMfeld
Games44236 (39077 MU-games and 5159 SU-games)
Registered on11.05.2007
LanguageDeutsch (de)
Appear linePeli_Khan guckt bloß.
Disappear linePeli_Khan hat doch gar nichts gemacht.
Login linePeli_Khan The Bird is in the air tonight
Logout linePeli_Khan is on his way back to the future
DescriptionNothing in this world worth having comes easy. Don't complain for bad luck, you can't change it. Work on what you can. For games and for life. Languages: de/en/fr/es/el ♥ tzinaki ♥