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Player Information
Player AvatarUserbild
Player NameAnatolis
User ID160307
TitleSchout bij Nacht [W18]
CityC130 De Lage Landen
Games9387 (4018 MU-games and 5369 SU-games)
Registered on15.10.2006
LanguageNiederländisch (nl)
Appear lineAnatolis walks in and looks around.
Disappear lineAnatolis is looking for some new distractions elsewhere.
Login lineAnatolis: Tadaa!
Logout lineAnatolis wil nu wel weer eens echt hout in z'n handen voelen.
DescriptionProud habitant of De Lage Landen (C130) If I leave the game before it ended, my wireless connection was lost. Try to find me in the channel "Madurodam". If you drop without reason and/or reason, I'll report to the fairness team. (ow, wait, I'm member of the fairness team...)