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Hey, hey, Wickie!


Sven Olafson, also known as Olaf the Brave, wiped the surf on his blond beard with the back of his hand. For the past few weeks they had sailed to discover and colonize new lands. His helmsman had just shouted "land ahoy". He cheered congratulations with his men.

He barks orders from the bridge with his loud voice. Everyone knew what they had to do, everyone was at his post. He weighs anchor off the coast and has his men fill the landing craft. With speed the hastily dash through the waves onto the stony beach.

The island appears to be abundant with vegetation. Olafson sends in his scouts to map out the island. Then he orders his fishermen to return to the shoreline. They still had enough food, however not enough in reserve for a long stay. he sends his warriors to the beach to avoid being surprised by enemy Viking clans. They were not the only ones in search of new lands and new resources.

After the most important tasks have been delegated, he summoned the nobles to a Feast. For three days and three nights, they dined and discussed what to do next. The scouts meanwhile returned with good news and it was decided that some of them should remain on the island to colonize and cultivate the land, while the others should continue further to seek larger islands. The next morning, the scouting crew returned back to their boat to continue their perilous journey. After all they were a people of conquerors and discoverers, the VIKINGS ...