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Fleeing Finds Finesse

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Finster Flure Cover

Slowly, very slowly your inch your way forward, so that you can sneek past the in order large granite column and glimpse a view in the darkness. A drop of ice cold water falls from the ceiling, catching you on the back of the neck. You shiver and your heart skips a beat.

The air tastes fresh and clean. Bravely you step forward, from the protection of the column's shadow. From the corner of your eye, you notice movement and so your hasten back to the cover of darkness behind the column. You relax and rest yourself, when you notice that there appears to be only one other competitor creeping about the place! He too is hiding from column to column. If you don't make a move, he will get to the exit before you and save Fairy Fabula first. You check to your right and left and ahead of you along the corridor. Then you rush headlong across the corridor, until you can run no more. You stop to catch your breath and take stock of the situation.

Suddenly, you can't stop thinking about a nightmare you had recently. You see the form of the monster Furunkulus straight ahead of you, the wicked beast of Fürsten Fieso, only 20 meters past your column. Is it real? HIt stops dead in it's tracks and looks round. Its eyes light up when it sees you, and turns to face you! You suddenly freeze like a rabbit with a hunter pointing a barrel of a gun to your face! When you finally come to your senses, you smell Furunkulus' stinking breath aalmost in your face. You turn on the spot and run in the opposite direction. You slip on a pool of blood pool as the ground comes up to meet you. You grab for safety behind a large stone, and somehow manage to avoid Furunkulus' fsight. You are now trapped by the walls and struggle to catch your breath.

You have managed to escape the monster for now!. As you weigh up the situation, you sudenly panic when you see that Rumpeln is not far behind you. With fear, you observe how suddenly the wall behind you moves apparently from some supernatural force. Rigid with fear, you stare into the eyes of Furunkulus. You hear a yell and hear an opponent try to distract the monster from him in the hope that Furunkulus will go after you. But the sharp eyes of the monster miss nothing. It comes ever closer to you. Your legs no longer want to obey you. It is coming!. You closes the eyes, and think only of freeing the beautiful Fairy Fabula and your imminent fate.

Two meres, 1 metre, - already the putrid smell of the monster surrounds you. Suddenly there is a flash of light. You rub your eyes, but eall you can see is some bright smoke, and some footsteps in the earth. Confused you pinch yourself - not a trace of Furunkulus! But from the far corner of the room comes a fearsome yell. Examining the earthen floor before you reveals the mystery to you: Furunkulus had been focusing only on its prey and did not see the transporter pad on the floor, which teleported it now to the other side of the vast hall.

You quickly take up position behind the next column on the way to the streaming light coming from the exit…