Fed up with the usual pictures on BSW? Want to change your Client? Then this is the right page for you! A lot of members of the BSW community have made an effort to pep-up the BSW life for all of us. Just follow the links listed on the bottom of this page to view the results of their work

The links listed in several different categories and will take you to the coresponding user page. So if something sounds interesting to you, just have a look. Only after you have decided that a certain patch is of interest to you, you can get the download on the home page.

Please note, these patches are not official features of BSW and the BSW-team is not responsible for the correct functioning, especially after Client updates.

Help for Impared Users

Games that have been customised for visually impaired and/or colourblind members of the Community.

Help for Handicapped Players

BSW Tools

Some useful Tools, which can make playing in BSW a little easier. Most of these will have German content!

Games and Rooms

Backgrounds and maps for numerous games. Note some of the links are broken, Many are in German!


Change your client look with topics that other users have created.

  • apricum(BSW backgrounds and cards for Tichu and Manhattan provided by apricum)
  • Starterpics by Tini0668

Questions, comments, suggestions, new or dead links? Please send to nientje or Nessi