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Doppelkopf Online Game

The Famous Card Game from Germany

Game description

Publisher ---
Designer ---
Number of players 4
Gamelength Arbitrary
Category Card Game
Age 12+
Price ---
Awards None

Doppelkopf (next to Skat) is probably the best known card game in Germany. It is played with four people, whereby your partner is determined by the bidding. The pack is a double pack shortened by removing cards below 9, each suit containing two each of A K Q J 10 9.

A goal of the game is to score as many of the 240 points in the pack as possible. Players can bid on various options and can decide on different values. Players can also play solo.

Doppelkopf is characterised by constantly changing game situations. Each card player can remain in suspense wondering who they are partnering.

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