Basic Commands

There are many commands available to make life easier in BSW. The basic commands are available to all users. As you level up, more commands become available. All commands are entered in the 'Console' window, are preceeded by the '/' character and followed by the command text. The command is then executed by pressing the 'Enter' key.

Where can I get help?

lists all the commands that you can use and that Online Help is available for.
/help command
Enter a command name after /help to get online help about that command - eg /help tell. This is not very helpful as it is all in German!
This command opens a window with a tutor, ywho can answer any question you have about BSW. (This command is intended for beginners (W0-W2), and is therefore not available from W3 and above).
This command takes you to a tutor. This can enable you to speak directly with a tutor in the same room in BSW. (This command is intended for beginners (W0-W2), and is therefore not available from W3 and above).

Who is playing in BSW? Where are they?

This command lists all the players who are in the same room as you are currently in.
Output: -- 'Mr E' (Landlord [W12] from ARMfeld) since (0:26:39.637)
This command lists all users who live in the same town as you (username, rank, town rank, registered date, name of room, room number). You can also append a certain town's name to narrow the output.
Output: -- 'zenon' (Prior aus Monte Monaco) since (0:02:14.880) In dem Dorf [0]
Input: /gwho ARMfeld
Output: All citizens from ARMfeld, who are currently in the same town that you are in.
This command lists all players and puppets currently logged in BSW. The [Brackets] shows the current room number (see '/room' command for more info).
Output: -- 'Michii' (Burggraf aus LosVelozes) since (0:22:31.254) In Santa Juego [C1-14]
/wwho TOWN
By entering the first letters of the name of a town the output is filtered and only the users who are citizens of this town or these towns are shown.
Input: /wwho an
Output: all users from the towns Andoria, AnglesCorner, Ankh-Morpork, AnimalCity, Antares,...
Input: /wwho familycity or /wwho familyc
Output: all users from the town FamilyCity.
/wwho |TEXT
This command lets you use a filter by searching on a type defined after the "|" mark and then the desired text.
Input: /wwho |W19
Output: All of rank W19 online or with W19 in their name or in an area with W19 in the name.
Input: /wwho |[C10]
Output: all players online in the market place of C10 EnglishTown.
/swho GUILD
This command lists all guild members from a certain guild who are currently logged in BSW.
/awho OFFICE
This command lists all users of a specified office currently logged in BSW. The following abbreviations can be used: bm (Mayor), stv (Deputy), kam (Treasurer), vgt (Sherrif), bot (Ambassador), lag (Storeman), frm (Setter), gm (Guild Master), ab (Teacher) tm (Tournament Master), sch (Referee), adm (Administrator) usr (users - excluding Puppets), med (Mediator), fair (Fairness Mediator - without Sherrifs), tut (Tutors), pup (Puppets).
You can enter the start string of a city to reduce the output listing. (See example).
Eingabe: /awho bm
Output: All mayors currently online.
Eingabe: /awho bm Char
Output: all mayors of the cities Charity and Charypso, who are currently on line
/whereis NAME
This command lists the room number where NAME is, and other information about this area. An asterisk after the room number signifies that a game is in progress.
Output: -- CantStop:Zum abstürzenden Springbock [C105-29/**] - (Yordan, kleinervirus)

How do I move around?

This command teleports you to the main game manager. If you add a TOWN parameter, you are taken to that town's local game manager instead. e.g. /manager Conc
/room Roomnumber
You are teleported to Roomnumber
Example: /room C2-4
/game Gamenumber
You are teleported to Gamenumber. Usually, Gamenumber and Roomnumber are identical.
/hook Name
This command teleports you to the same room as NAME.
/ghook Name
This command teleports you to gameboard in the same room as NAME.

Global Communication

This command opens a separate chat window where you can speak privately with NAME, no matter where in BSW NAME is. In tournament rooms, you can only speak with referees.
/twindow off|on
This command lets you configure whether to have all chat in one window or multiple windows. The "off" option forces all communications into one window. The "on" option enables separate windows to be used.
/shout TEXT
This command lets you broadcast over an entire city. All players in the same city as you can hear your TEXT. In a tournament room, your call is relayed to the referee of the tournament.
/mtell NAME1, NAME2,...,NAMEx - TEXT
This command lets you communicate with multiple players, NAME1, NAME2, ... NAMEx' with your TEXT, no matter where they are in BSW. The command cannot be used in tournament rooms.
/gameyell TEXT
This command is useful in gamerooms, to find partners. More info can be found here.
/ctell TEXT
This command opens a separate chat window, where you can chat with all the people in your city (or ARMfeld), regardless of where they are.
/mutectell on|off|switch
This command allows you to choose whether to participate in town chat (or not).


If the channel "CHANNELNAME" already exists, you will enter it. Otherwise a new channel by this name is generated.
This command exits you from the channel. When there are no more users in the channel, it disappears automatically.
This can be a text in a channel to speak without putting the channel window open, eg at / twindow off. With this command, you can write text in a channel, without that channel being open, e.g. /gtell hi everyone
Lists all currently existing channels.
Lists all channels you have joined at the moment
You can find more Channel Commands here.


Opens the prop file with configuration of the client.
/language en
Switches to Server responses in English.
Provides a list of all occupied rooms in BSW.
/listroom |TEXT
This command lets you use a filter by searching on a type defined after the "|" mark and then the desired text.
Input: /listroom |UmKrone
Output: All UmKroneUndKragen areas, where there is at least one player .
/info NAME
This command displays information in the Info Window about a certain user. You can also open this window by clicking on the name of a player in the Room tool located on the toolbar. The blue 'i' for Information can also be used to view the last player selected.
/away TEXT
This command lets you set an absence message. If someone tries to communicate with you, they will be sent your absence message. When you start typing again the message is disabled.
/titel on|off|switch
This command lets you display your title before your name (or not).
/sound off|on
This command switches ALL sound on/off.
/time on|off|switch
This command enables/disables the time stamp function prefix to chat text. This can be useful for in the tutor channel to categorize questions from new players.
This shows the current size and position of the Client window.
/setsize BREITE HÖHE
This command sets the width and height of the client window. If width and height are not indicated, the size and position is read from the *.Prop file.
/radio brettspielwelle|meanvariation|off
This command toggles between "Radio Brettspielwelle" or "radio mean variation" or OFF.
/radio http://irgendeineUrl
This command switches on any WEB radio via the provided URL-Stream.