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Player Information
Player AvatarUserbild
Player NameSmaüg
User ID58589
TitleElector [W17]
CityC0 ARMfeld
Games8248 (7950 MU-games and 298 SU-games)
Registered on16.05.2004
LanguageDeutsch (de)
Appear lineSmaüg: Under a dead ohio sky, Eleven has been and will be waiting.
Disappear lineSmaüg: Hold your light, Eleven. Lead me through each gentle step by step.
Login lineSmaüg kommt herbeigeflogen und schaut sich neugierig um.
Logout lineSmaüg: Somebody please kill me before I am dead.
DescriptionNaiv, dumm, unfreundlich. Das ist alles. /// if i blink my eyes / i´m afraid i might miss some of it / this makes no sense / a mirage of an oasis / and it kills my time /// sinch / something more