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Be a king for a while...

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Remember the era in Europe, when each large region was controlled by its own king. You reminisce to those days of high adventure, walking through green meadows, past fields of yellow sunflowers, whose scent drowns the senses. You can see your journey's end in the distance. A majestic throne on a small hill, Ludusburg Keep. The throne of Alexander IV who had the keep built.

Reverently you go through the strong oak gate, where the statue of the fabulous creatures of Zinnen adorn the tower walls. Gathering all your courage together, you take out the three dice, which a mysterious foreigner gave you in Spessart Inn. “These dice will open the doors to the throne room for you, if you understand how to use them wisely. Stay close to the courtiers within, and do not deride anyone, not even the lowest of them. If you can attain their confidence, they can help you.” These words echo in your ears, while your hand clutches the dice.

“Can I help you?”. The guard booms with a frightening voice. Mustering all your courage, you throw the dice before his feet. The two 5's tempt you to rethrown the 3rd die again. The guard relaxes his gaunt expression as you achieve a third 5. He even appears to look friendly. He gives you another die and with a friendly greeting opens the gate. Somewhat in awe, you stand now in the large forecourt. There is no-one to be seen. From somewhere we hear a rhythmic hammering sound, so you decide to follow. You hardly turn the corner, when you come across a craftsman, who is about to repair one of the wagons. You greet him politely and take out the dice. This time you roll a 3, 4 and 6, however, this does not interest the craftsman. You throw the 3 again, and get a 4. Still no reaction! What can you do? What about that 4th die the guard gave you? You throw it and score a further 4. The face of the craftsman lights up. He presents you with a further die, and points the way to the kitchen. There meets we to a farm servant, who is busy plucking chickens for dinner. Her mood lifts noticeably, when you roll the dice and score odd numbers with them. Lifted in spirit, she shows you the way to the garden.

There you come across the wonderful aroma of jasmine, and other unknown flowers. The white status of the god Buchsbäumen shines from between the laurel bushes. A man emerges from the sea of blooming flowers. You throw a die in front of him. With some luck and with the help of the die, which we received from the craftsman, we draw the astronomer's attention. He insures you that he will help you assistance and then turns again to his work.

On our further way we meet still numerous yard people and finally arrive we at the desired door of the throne hall. A strict-looking secretary is awake before it at a small desk. “Do not forget, to filters is the magic number, which can open you all doors”, resounds the words of the mysterious stranger again in us against. We collect all our courage and throw the cubes on the desk of the secretary. With the cubes field gentlemen, which we could captivate owing to the service farm servant and the astronomer with six Vierern, lie now together eight cubes before the guardian of the throne hall door. But with 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6 we could pull the Alchemisten on our side, the door of the throne hall however remain locked for us. We decide to put the two Vierer away and to try our luck again: 1, 3, 3, 4, 4, 6 - our knees become slowly soft. Smell cloud a sweet Parfums wraps us, when to our rescue the yard lady appears on the scene. It we had becirct with a smooth Fullhouse and to the thanks for it, give them now to our two Dreiern one cube eye each. We draw a deep breath, have we nevertheless now already six Vierer together. Decided we pack the remaining two cubes again. Four with two cubes must have nevertheless to be created. Our heart knocks up to the neck, when we throw the cubes on the table: 1 and 6 - our breath comes to a hold, when with a magic Plopp of the Zauberer on the desk appears sudden. It we had entzückt probably in such a way with our small road that it transforms now short hand our worthless 1 into the sieved 4. The secretary grummelt which from Scharlatanen and magic into his grey beard and kramt pedantically the large key from the depths of its garbs out. Still before itself humming, he opens the three meters high, white wing doors and lets us against-willingly occur. Dazzled of the splendor of the seen one, we remain one moment in the door. Then we seize courage and cross firm step the throne hall. Heart stop we fear for before the throne and to look reverenceful up to the king, who seems to suspect that the end of its rule stands on the play. The queen too its rights blinzelt us aufmunternd too. The king packs its cubes and throws her to us before the feet. 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6 - thus does it want to defend its kingdom? Our superior smile freezes for us on the lips, when suddenly a knight comes in in company of the hunter and both and/or 5 gives a 3 to their king. With superior Grinsen the king puts the Fünfer to the side and throws again: 2, 3, 3, 5, 5, 5, 6. It puts three further Fünfer away and just, than it wants again cubes, appears the nobleman on the scene. It converts both three likewise into Fünfer, so that now already eight Fünfer before the king lie. The blood in the veins freezes for us. The king victory surely hurls the two remaining cubes before our feet: 3 and 4. But before we can draw a deep breath, the dealer pushes itself and grants to the king a further throw. The cubes roll and remain on 5 and 5 being - ten Fünfer, which we can never ever strike.

Resigned we throw our seven cubes: 1, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 6. Weak hope buds in us and we puts the Sechser aside. Our friend, the pawnbroker, steps by the door and gives us a Viererwürfel. We decide to try again our luck: 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6. We receive further 6 from the bishop, who came us also to assistance. With the courage of the despair we throw the last three cubes again: 3 and 6. When we want to pack up straight with hanging heads our cubes and to leave the place of the defeat, the yard fool behind the throne shows up and hands us our last cube, in order to be allowed thereby again cubes. We throw it eightless, because even further 6 does not hand, in order to over-bid the ten Fünfer of the king. The luck a last mark actually flashes and gives to us the ninth 6. But the fight seems scarcely however clearly lost. The Rascheln of silk lets us up-look again: the queen reaches into the numerous folds of her sumptuous garb and presents to us with a verschmitzen smile a Sechserwürfel. Ten Sechser! The cubes blur before our eyes: we achieved the impossible. The king leaves swearing his place and trottet like a flogged dog from the throne hall. As in the dawning sleep we rise the stages to the throne. A unbescheibliches feeling of luck flows through us. Straight as the queen the crown on the head to set, tears me the Plingen of the Hauptchats wants us out means dreams: “Burr” of my fellow players gets me mercilessly back into the present .......