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Don Quixote Online Game

Heartbreaking struggle against the windmills

Game description

Publisher Pegasus
Designer Reinhard Staupe
Number of players 1-4
Gamelength 10-30 min
Category Taktisches Legespiel
Age 8+
Price Ca. 24 Euro
Awards - none yet -

Enjoy the beautiful tile laying game where you fight for what is right and hope you played wisely.

The country squire, Don Quixote in the same game now has a very original way of looking at his surroundings. In the spring of novelty of Pegasus is it that is through laying of suitable compounds, a Don Quixote of the land points. He creates in his imagination his own little principality as he sees fit, unless one including many windmills as Don can be reached, can hope to win. Knights protect the castles and country boundaries, roads that connect each of windmills and churches together. One to four Caballeros can have fun playing "Don Quixote".

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