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Player Namesafetrip
User ID156503
TitlePrince [W18]
CityC10 EnglishTown
Games11739 (11737 MU-games and 2 SU-games)
Registered on11.09.2006
LanguageEnglish (en)
Appear linesafetrip O O WATCH OUT,,,, HE'S HERE
Disappear linesafetrip I'LL BE BACK
Login linesafetrip O O WATCH OUT,,, HE
Logout linesafetrip I'LL BE BACK
DescriptionI just love playing games, the faster the better. Also like meeting new people. Died sunday 5 august 2007 at 11.03 am she says " FAREWELL, MY FRIENDS "NOW TAKEN OVER BY MR. SAFETRIP